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Rex Nelson's Southern Fried

Roby Brock has just come out with another edition of his excellent magazine, Talk Business Quarterly, which covers business and politics in Arkansas.

For four consecutive issues, I've written the "Arkansas Institutions" feature for the magazine.

For the first installment of "Arkansas Institutions," we featured the Sno-White Grill in Pine Bluff, which has been serving up great food since the 1930s.

For the second installment, we focused on the "King Biscuit Time" radio show in Helena-West Helena.

For the third installment, the subject was Oaklawn Park at Hot Springs.

For this issue, I paid a visit to George's Majestic Lounge on Fayetteville's famed Dickson Street. I know. It was a tough assignment. But somebody had to do it... 


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