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Q - Can I bring someone under 18 years old if they are with an adult, parent or guardian for a concert?

A - George's is strictly 18 & up.

Q - What types of ID are accepted for entry?

A - State issued drivers license, Federal issued Passport, AR state issued ID, any other state issued drivers license.  MEDICAL MARIJUANA ID CARDS ARE NOT ACCEPTED

Q -Do you allow re-entry?

A - Georges has a no re-entry policy. Only in emergency situations will this be allowed.A -Georges has a no re-entry policy. Only in emergency situations will this be allowed.

Q - Do you have an email list?

A - Yes there is a newsletter sign up at the bottom of each page.

Q - I see illegal activities going on what should I do?

A - There is always security on staff and you can find them at the front door or either side of the stage generally. Please report what you see to them. You can also ask to speak with the venue management.

Q - Do you have rules about what I can bring with me?

A - No outside food or beverages, large purses (over 8 1/2"x11") or backpacks, chairs, weapons of any kind including knives, lasers or laser pointers, hula hoops, glow sticks, poi, etc. If you have an item that you may question please feel free to contact us.

Q -Where do I purchase tickets for upcoming shows?

A - You can purchase tickets at only tickets issued by or George's majestic lounge are considered valid tickets, no third party tickets accepted

Q - What type of payment does Georges accept?

A - Cash or credit cards.

Q -Can I rent out Georges for my private event?

A - Yes! please email us below

Q -Does Georges have seating?

A - Some shows are almost all standing room only and others have some seating available. We have a limited number of reserved tables available for all shows. For table reservations please call 479-527-6618.

Q - What is your ticket refund policy?

A - We do not offer ticket refunds unless a show cancels. You are welcome to re-sell your tickets at face value or give them to someone else to use. It is against Arkansas state law to sell tickets for above face value plus fees and sales tax.

Q - Is there handicap parking or seating?

A - Handicap parking is available in the lot next door to Georges on Dickson St. Handicap seating is available upon request. Contact us with questions.

Q - What is your smoking policy?

A - Smoking inside the venue is prohibited by Arkansas state law. Smoking is allowed on our patios located on the front and back of our venue property.  We do not allow vaping indoors as well.

Q - Can I bring my own photography equipment?

A - No. You must be approved by venue management and artist management prior to the show.

Q - What is your bag policy?

A - No back packs, and no purses over the size of 8 1/2""x11"

Q - I left my tab open, how do I get my ID and credit card back?

A - If you're still in town, you can come by during open hours which are when we have a show or event. If you are out of town, we will send it to you. Please email us or call with your name and address at 479-527-6618.

Q - What if I have a question not listed?

A - Please email us from the contact page or leave a message at 479-527-6618.

Q - When will the show end?

A - Ah, if only we had a Crystal Showtime Ball. The end of a set is at the discretion of the performing act (although we contract them for a minimum set length - anywhere from 45-90 minutes, depending on the act.) This is a question we usually can't answer.

Q - Do you have a dress code?

A - Clothing including a shirt and shoes is required, the style is up to you. 

Q - Do you have a coat check?

A - Sorry, no.

Q - Can you page a guest that is inside the venue?

A - We do not have this ability.

Q - Will you call me a taxi?

A - Absolutely! Ask anyone that is working and we will make it our first priority.







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