#58 - Green Acres | George's Majestic Lounge
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#58 - Green Acres

Green Acres is a new rock band in NW Arkansas that has a very organic and real approach to how they are spreading the word. In a time when venues are closed or not available, they have made their own and built their own grassroots following. They join us to talk about their music and their show coming up at Georges Majestic Lounge.

Green Acres on FB: Facebook.com/greenacresband2021

Full schedule and tickets available at www.GeorgesLive.com
IG & FB: @georgesmajesticlounge@gmail.com 
Twitter: @GeorgesMajestic  
Podcast Produced by LensAudio (www.LensAudio.com)
Host: Travis Smith  |  Engineer: Jacob Crabb

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